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An existing pay-per-movie critic on "Cars," Pixar is not flashy and attractive, but impressive as the other output of the animation studio. Some people think this Pixar should aim to inspire every fear, why? Then point out that the unmanned car simply talks crankier critics may be a bit awkward, not really funny.

Brian Pitcher Murray, Bob Peterson and Mike Riche (credited to the pit crew team, including the story fee) is directed by the scripted director "Tram 3" and can not beat all the opposition among them. If you can roll into it, this movie is also a lesson in the life of a breezy delivery vehicle without the pain and fun.

Begin with cheerful, cherry-red Lightning McQueen (usually accompanied by encouraging winner Owen Wilson) to pass another finish line from scratch as expected. Excluding any win - it is hit by a new stylish black and purple out runner in the name of Jackson Storm. "I can not believe I can compete with Lightning McQueen for his farewell season," I am an impatient rookie represented by soft flattering by Ami Hammer. Lightning says well ... not his farewell season,.

Two predecessor cars themselves are a great figure The world box office raises $ (1) trillion, but it is commercialized The true magic of a car franchise. DVDs and Blu-ray have sold an amazing $ 475 million in the United States. Digital-HD's sales are pushing that figure to just $ (500) and we can start international sales with title and picture rentals globally, and we're probably talking about something near $ 1,000 million in revenue. Revenue is almost net profit because costs can be negligible.

Before the launch of Car 2, the total merchandising of the first film will generate $ 10 billion in worldwide sales. That is for a period of five years. Most of these phenomena, of course, are toy-o toys! - The box office performance alone will provide a source of massive income because even sequential, sequel cars will be worth releasing. Video games, toys, school supplies, clothing and other retail items plus a home entertainment release is a real motive behind the success of the car with a plethora of licenses.

If it's the first time, back to life here was a picnic for the life of a small town originally confusing and complicated Spy Capers 2011 car 2. After the car franchise, directed by Polarizer Pixar Producer Rookie Brian McPhee two movies talk old fashioned race - and accused of a modern approach style for motor sports, whether it is "money ball" - dust spit or demolition derby.

It is also the festival of actor Paul Newman who aims to pursue Newman Doc Hudson once in a while to express his reverence with the voice McQueen and the inspiration to the inspiration. Even if the frame means this, the traditional Hollywood success, which surpasses the torch of at least generations in which the style, humor and impudence complete here, feels "bad" playing a distant second violin.

It can be a bit too serious for some young people, but there are plenty of adventures to behave and entertain. As usual, the audience gets a bonus short film before the show. In this case, it is one of the best Pixar. Lou proposed a great story of a school bully learning a valuable lesson and a question about how to quit things in a lost and found box of answers found. It is also the emotional and absorbent properties of the present invention.

As always, all stories begin with the franchise's best franchise Raymond McQueen (Owen Wilson's voice).

After a long time with superstar asphalt, the renowned figure 95 is now facing the sensation of aging, external worthlessness in the racetrack.

If it is no longer the fastest in the competition, can not rediscover itself into lightning clever? Of course, we all know the answer, but the script has a way to go to say Greg's kid in the right way.

After the training diet takes a canvas like Rocky, the lightning should prepare for a showdown with Jackson Storm (Ami Hammer) who slipped the young knockout.

Tries to endure better than the car ages, the Turbo Boost only has all the fascinating visual additive that Pixar can put into the tank.